Birthday Wishes for the Bro

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Today’s my brother’s 22nd birthday, and he’s such a cool kid that I had to give him some blog love.

Image from Mike Chin Productions

I’m pretty sure he’s never actually read my blog, which I don’t hold against him since he’s A. 22 and B. crazy busy, so I’ll just tell you a bit about him.  Tim’s currently finishing up his film degree at Drexel University (that’s film equipment in the picture).  I’m not sure what he’s actually doing in the picture (gaffing?  he’s mentioned that a bunch, but I still don’t really know what it is…), but I know his big focus is editing.  And he’s good at it.  Really good.  You should hire him.  Also, he’s very handsome as evidenced above.

Image from Tim’s FB Profile

He’s also fun, creative, and multi-talented.  That’s a homemade Max from Where the Wild Things Are costume from this past Halloween.  Unfortunately, the bottom of the pic got cut off, but the costume has footies.  Like footie-pajamas.  Awesome.

Also, since Tim doesn’t read this blog, I can discuss his gifts.  He hasn’t received them yet, so he better not be reading.  I’ve always loved shopping for my brother’s presents.  I picked out the best things, and never had to be told what he wanted.  A couple were really special, like when, for his 18th birthday, I got him flying lessons.  Lots of times I just got him clothes, but really good picks.  Cool t-shirts and hoodies mostly.  I prided myself on being about to find things he didn’t even know he wanted.  Last Christmas, though, I decided I wanted to do something different.  I agonized over choices, but ultimately picked two art prints:  a green Philadephia screen print from Ork and an interesting take on Lincoln from Etsy.  I was nervous, but he loved them, especially our 16th president.  But then I was totally stumped for this birthday.  I felt pressed for time, so I just got him more art, which, in my defense, he did suggest, but it sort of felt like a cop out.  Hopefully he’ll be happy to have some (non-generic) stuff for his walls when he graduates this summer.

I want to know what other people get for guys in their 20s.  What are some good go-to gifts?  Also, what do you think about gifting art?  I’ve done it a few times–and was always excited about my choices–but then I read a post on AT in which most people seemed to think that it was a bad idea in most cases, too personal.  I started second guessing myself.  What do you think?  Is it a rookie mistake?  It’s too late for my brother, obviously, but in the future, should we stay away from giving art as a gift?


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