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Eric and I were lucky enough to snag a pretty awesome rental in Richmond’s Carytown, a charming section of the already charming Fan.  I’ll post on our house later, but right now I want to talk about one of the perks of the neighborhood.  Now that it’s gotten nice out, I’m always eager to take Seamus out for walks and runs, and believe you me, this area is chock full of beautiful streets to explore.  The history of the area means there are unending non-cookie cutter houses to explore, but since it’s still considered a hip, young area (Wikipedia says it’s got “bohemian flair”), it’s not at all stodgy and many residents have fun with their decor.

Today on my walk with the Seamster (that’s “shame-stir”), I snapped some pics of a few of my favorite houses.  I’ve always been a big fan of painted brick, so I focused on those.  They’ll be inspiration for when we (finally) own our own place.

House Lust #1: Moody Blue/Gray with Bright Green Door

Every time I pass this house I think about how much I love navy and green together.  It’s a timeless, preppy combination–especially with the crisp white trim–and I love this take on it.  And what Virginia girl doesn’t love a flowering dogwood?

House Lust #2: Periwinkle Blue/Gray with Raspberry Door

This one has a similar color scheme, but with a bright raspberry-ish hue replacing the green.  It looks kind of red on my computer, but it’s got more pizazz in real life.

House Lust #3: Taupe with Yellow Door

No, I’m not only impressed by blue/gray.  I also love this taupe house with the sunshine-yellow door, and all those awesome windows.  Kind of bummed about the not-so-pretty utility truck obscuring the view.  Maybe I’ll be able to snap a replacement pic sans truck and with the azalea bush in bloom on another walk.  Maybe.

House Lust #4: Dark Olive Green with Red Door

While I do love me some bright white trim, I’m happy to have neighbors that mix it up a bit too.  This house is at the end of 3-4 row houses of the same style, but the rest are pretty neutral, like the one you can kind of see on the left.  So this one sticks out, like a sore very healthy thumb.  Never in a million years would I have thought of doing this, so I imagine these home owners to be uber-stylish and cool.  (P.S.  Did you see my handsome pooch in the bottom left corner?)

House Lust #5: Aqua with Pink Door

Admittedly, this one isn’t brick, so it doesn’t quite fit, but how could I not include it?  Seriously, what kind of grinch would you have to be to not be cheered by such happy colors?

So what do you think?  Would you be eager to move into any of these homes in particular?  Or do you have a favorite facade & front door color combo in general?  Do tell.


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