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March 6, 2010 at 12:53 am 1 comment

1. I randomly got this email from Pottery Barn about a free class they’re offering next weekend:

(Image from Pottery Barn email)

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for free classes.  I like to learn; what can I say?  Obviously this won’t be especially academic, and they’ll be pushing their product, but I’m fine with that.  As long as I decide ahead of time that I  won’t be pressured into buying anything I don’t want, I’ll be a-okay.  So I signed up.  The Sunday class was already full, but they’d opened up a class on Saturday morning on the same topic.  I’ll be at Short Pump Pottery Barn at 8am on Saturday morning learning about table displays.  Is it weird that I’m really looking forward to this?  Also, not that this really affected my decision at all, but attendees (“students” if you will) do get 10% off merchandise featured in the “course.”  If you’re looking for table decor, it’s really not a bad coupon.

I’ll let you know if it was worth the early wake-up call.

2. Training a puppy is hard work.

This pic is from when we first got Seamus back in December.  I’m pretty sure that he’s unarguably the cutest puppy ever, but  I’m admittedly biased.  You can see that he was just a little fluff ball of softness.  Softness and love.  He’s still a puppy, but he’s grown quite a bit since then, as you can see from this GQ shoot photo (all Eric, by the way; I have yet to put any clothes on Seamus.)

He’s still my baby, but he’s definitely growing into his adult dog features.  Look at that handsome face!  Anyways, Eric and I were determined to train him to be the best behaved dog ever.  Here’s our progress thus far:

  • House training — check
  • “Sit” — check plus
  • “Stay” — check minus
  • “Down” (as in lay down) — check minus
  • “Play dead” — check minus
  • “Shake” — check plus
  • “Come” — check
  • “Heal” — 😦
  • Retrieving — check plus
  • Letting us check ears, get rid of eye goop, etc — check plus
  • Taking baths — check
  • Staying off furniture — 😦
  • No jumping — 😦

So what’s that?  I’m thinking a C-.  Not too hot.  It’s so much harder than I expected.  First of all, it’s hard to be consistent.  We said that Seamus wouldn’t be a couch dog, but we love cuddling with him while we’re on it, so we kept inviting him up, and now he doesn’t feel the need for an invitation.  We usually scold him for jumping on us when we get home, but sometimes when we’re excited to see him after a long day’s work, we don’t really follow through with that either.

The big one I’m working on right now is “heal” when we’re on walks.  I don’t take Seamus for enough walks, so I think that’s part of the problem; we need more practice.  Some of it I don’t totally understand though.  I took him for a walk yesterday, and made him walk next to me the whole time.  It look a good deal of yanking and repeating the command, but we did have some success.  I felt like I was saying “good dog” almost as much as I was saying “heal.”  Except when we started heading home.  As soon as we started heading back towards home–we were at least .75 mile out, mind you, not down the block–he was all but choking himself to get home.  I stayed consistent and kept him next to me, but the leash was cutting into my hands and he was hacking like a life-long smoker.  I really, really want to fix this.  Seamus is maybe half his full-grown size right now and he’s already pretty darn strong.  There is no way I am going to be able (or willing) to walk him when he’s 70+ pounds and dragging me down the street.

We’ll keep practicing, but any advice is hugely appreciated!


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Happy Birthday Dad! Rainy Weekend

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  • 1. Bailey@peppermintbliss  |  March 21, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    He is VERY handsome, I concur.
    I wish I had some tips from you but our furbabies are definitely not models for obedience. I wish I had trained our first born better, but at the time I was an irresponsible college student and just couldn’t be bothered to dole out the tough love. Our second child is much better, but I can’t take credit, he just came that way at 8 weeks…
    Either way your man is so handome, he can probs get away with being a bit naughty!


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